Industrial Modems/Routers


SmartOneThe SmartOne is a versatile industrial RTU (Remote Technical Unit) with integral modem for communications to IEDs (Intelligent Electronic Devices).
It can be used in a whole range of applications in the telemetry, AMR (Automated Meter Reading), SCADA, security, farming, home and office automation industries.

The SmartOne in short has the following features:
RS232 modem port
Activity LEDs
External DC input
2 Digital Open collector outputs
2 Input (either Analog or Digital)
Dual SIM card feature (internal chip SIM optional)
Data logging card
Real Time Clock
Easy scripting language to configure the unit.



SmarToo_GSM_GPRS_EDGE_ModemThe TruCom SmarToo is an intelligent industrial communications device with GSM & GPRS capability.

It acts like an ordinary GSM modem, but is packed with additional features developed to make the communications as reliable as possible.

In addition, the TruCom SmarToo has an internal serial to TCP/IP convertor to allow legacy and new devices to communicate with a back-office over GPRS – reliably & fast.

The SmarToo was designed in South Africa by a South African Technology Top 100 company to meet Africa’s unique communications challenges & conditions.


The SmarToo 8 x Auxiliary Input Expansion is a versatile digital input unit. By default it is an 8 x Digital Input unit with common ground connection between them and thus needs to be switched only with a potential free contact.



8_AUXILIARY_OUTPUT_EXPASION (1)The SmarToo 8 x Auxiliary Output Expansion contains 8 x relays capable of switching 250V 1A loads.

These units connect to the SmarToo GSM /GPRS Modem through the Expansion Port and can be scaled to 56 in total of any variations for different Site and Application requirements. They offer DIN Rail Mounting to comply with Industrial Standards.

Modem Expansion Info


8-AUXILIARY-INPUT-EXPANSIONThe 4X4 Input/Output Expansion is a versatile 4 way Input and 4way Output unit.

The inputs can be configured to be either digital or analogue, it can also be selected to have a current or a voltage input.

Modem Expansion Info



SPRi_21Mbps_HSPA_Router-300x154Mission critical communications call for the SPRi. The advanced connection management, coupled with the dual SIM failover & dual antenna connectors makes the SPRi on of the most reliable wireless connectivity solution available.
Although this device is capable of blistering speeds, it will fall back to slower technologies if the signal conditions are poor. The LED display shows connection status, active SIM and other information.
Configuration is simplified with a password protected web-based interface. A remote web-based configuration is also possible where the device is reachable across a private APN.
SNMP is also supported for remote monitoring.
The SPRi is ideal for connecting remote devices to a local network. With the IP-IP tunnelling feature combined with an intelligent router from, the intricacies of routing between different GSM networks are removed for the Customer.
Router Technical Info