Monday 22 February 2016


SmarToo_GSM_GPRS_EDGE_ModemThe TruCom SmarToo is an intelligent industrial communications device with GSM & GPRS capability.

It acts like an ordinary GSM modem, but is packed with additional features developed to make the communications as reliable as possible.

In addition, the TruCom SmarToo has an internal serial to TCP/IP convertor to allow legacy and new devices to communicate with a back-office over GPRS – reliably & fast.

The SmarToo was designed in South Africa by a South African Technology Top 100 company to meet Africa’s unique communications challenges & conditions.

Power supply:
  • No switching required for different voltages within ranges.
  • Mains 84VAC – 264VAC
  • Mains 50VDC – 370VDC
  • Battery backup 10VDC to 30VDC
  • Programmable Firewall restricts access to allowed MSISDNs & IP address for GPRS & SMS
Remote features:
  • Get signal strength remotely
  • Full remote configuration
Modem features:
  • CSD (Data calls)
  • Serial to GPRS with CSD fallback
  • Integrated IP stack
  • Patented GSM stability features
  • GPRS connection manager
  • Server or Client mode
  • Dual SIM card
  • SMS alarms
  • GPRS alarms
  • 4 Digital inputs
  • 2 Relay outputs
  • 2 Analog inputs
  • Audio output
  • 4GB SD card for event logging
  • Expansion port for extra I/O
Expansion features (up to):
  • 56x Digital inputs
  • 56x Pulse Counter inputs
  • 56x IrDA inputs
  • 28x Fully Isolated Analog inputs
  • 28x 5A 230V relays
  • 28x Cameras
  • 7x LCD Displays
Casing & packaging:
  • DIN Rail mounting in vertical or horizontal positions
  • High quality cast metal alloy enclosures
  • Packing includes:
  • SmarToo Modem
  • Din Rail brackets
  • 3dBi Stubby Antenna
  • Mains Wires
  • Serial Cable
  • Terminal Connectors


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