Friday 11 March 2016



The SmarToo 8 x Auxiliary Output Expansion contains 8 x relays capable of switching 250V 1A loads.These units connect to the SmarToo GSM /GPRS Modem through the Expansion Port and can be scaled to 56 in total of any variations for different Site and Application requirements. They offer DIN Rail Mounting to comply with Industrial Standards.The Expansion units offer typical 0-5V and 4-20mA interfacing for RTU – Switching, Control, Event Notification and Monitoring requirements. Customer Communications can be facilitated through SMS, E-Mail, GPRS, USSD and Web Interfaces which makes these solutions versatile enough to scale for any requirement from either the enthusiastic Hobbiest right through to the High Value Asset Management requirements of Industry – Fast, Reliable, Cost Effective and most importantly Wireless.

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